VR Game Review: “Poly Runner VR”

Poly Runner VR

Our Rating

They made it too simple on this one. Sure, people loved the game Flappy Bird – but this is just boring.

You fly some kind of airplane through a really dull (desert, volcano, water) surrounding. Your goal is not to crash.

Or, you could try to sell it in like the developers of this game (my comments are in the brackets):

  • A spaceflight runner designed to put your skills to the test (Ooh, just like Star Wars!)
  • Intriguing, immersive landscapes that change as you progress (Change as I progress?! So unique!)
  • Checkpoints and boosts that help you earn even higher scores  (Gamification lvl over 9000)
  • An incredibly comfortable VR experience (What?)
  • Multiple control options to suit your preference (Much wow!)
  • Intuitive and easy to learn, but challenging to achieve top scores (What an elevator pitch! Both sweet and sour!)

Sorry for being so harsh on this game, but I really think the incredible technique of VR should be used to create fantastic experiences – not some dull game making me think of Sega Dreamcast.

Don’t bother to download.

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