VR Game Review: “Hidden Temple VR”

Hidden temple vr game

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I have to confess; I’m a big fan of the movies of India Jones and the games Last of Us and Uncharted. Luckily, Hidden Temple is catching this feeling pretty good. We have both the environment and the adventures!

Although, the feeling in Hidden Temple is a little too…Disney? It’s not that genuine Indiana Jones-feeling. To be frank, it’s far from it – but that doesn’t mean it’s bad!

An adventure where you’re looking for gold and clues to get you forward in the game is a really intriguing concept. But in my opinion – the controls are really poor. You’re not free to walk around, you’re just standing in a room staring at stuff (to make stuff happen). This is a pretty big bummer.

What’s fun though is that the developers of this game have something really nice going on! I think we can see really nice things be developed from this studio in the future. Probably an even better version of Hidden Temple, where you can walk around (with your gamepad) and interact with stuff by clicking buttons. Staring at stuff is boring. Which makes me think of this hilarious movie: The Men Who Stare At Goats.

Download it and enjoy! (Both the game and the movie!)

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