VR Game Review: “Dim Light”

dim light vr game

Our Rating

My first impression: Oh, I thought it was going to be first-person view. Bummer.
After the game: Hm, won’t play it again. Not the kind of VR experience I would waste my time on.
Store: Oculus
Gamepad: Not required

I actually expected this game to be more like Dreadhalls. Although, it was more like GTA 1 (when it came to the visual experience). I tend to like games where you have a realistic POV (point of view). This game was played from above and it didn’t made me as frightened as I probably would be if the experience was from the eyes of the little dude walking around in dark corridors and rooms.

Sure, it’s a original idea – but not something I think will attract a big audience. It was barely fun more than 2 minutes.

The Breakdown

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