VR Game Review: Bandit Six

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Bandit Six is a shooting game, taking place up in the air.

The short game review:

My first impression: Oh my god, I’m so high up! HELP!
After the game: Will play it again! Probably when I’m a bit drunk, I think it will be funnier then.
Store: Oculus
Gamepad: Not required

Suitable for Samsung Gear VR.

The longer review of “Bandit Six”:

This game gives me a nostalgic feeling. I don’t know why, but these type of shooting games have always existed. This is like any classic WWII shooting game, but in 360 degrees.

I must say the interior of the plane (well, the place I’m sitting on the outside of the plane) is the most amazing. So realistic and geniune. It’s perfect. The gameplay itself is pretty plain and doesn’t give you any logic challenge in some way. But I’m not saying it’s bad, I’m just saying it’s a game you can play like 5 minutes per session without getting bored.

I hope the studio who made this will add some kind of depth into the gameplay. Maybe some upgrades in weapons along the way? Maybe a slow motion mode, for the last seconds before a plane hits you?

Anyway, I’ll play Bandit Six again.

The Breakdown

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