Oculus Game Review: “In Mind”

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In Mind by Nival VR is an adventure game which takes place inside a brain.

The short game review:

My first impression: I started laughing. The flying experience was the best one I’ve had in any video or game on my VR. Unbelievable.
After the game: Sure…I’ll play it again, but only for the intro video – not for the game itself.
Store: Oculus
Gamepad: Not required.

The longer review of ‘In mind’:

The game started and an amazing flying experience was launched as an intro while a woman explained my task (as a surgeon). I was really amazed by how good an animated surrounding could be so real.

After the intro was done, the game started and I begun to shoot infected cells by looking towards it a couple of seconds. Since I rather wanted to keep flying like the intro, I felt the gameplay failed for me. With the same technology, they have all power to make an even more awesome flying game. I didn’t felt for looking at cells around me.

The idea is good, but it has to evolve better and have more various tasks. But I will play it again, that’s for sure.

The Breakdown

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