Best virtual reality games for Samsung Gear VR (May 2016)

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The Oculus Store for Samsung Gear VR is packed with games and there’s simply no time (or money) to try them all. To this date, we’ve tried almost all. Therefore, we want to give you a list of the best VR games compatible with your Samsung Gear VR.

  1. Herobound
    This is the perfect game. I already know it’s going to be a classic! I don’t know how to in some brief sentences explain how wonderful this game is – so I recommend you to read my full review instead. Just click on the link above or go to the game review-section if this website.
  2. Lands End
    When I played this game the first time, I didn’t think “AMAZING!”. Some months after, I saw (and heard) people talking about this game and how amazing it was. So I have it another try. And yes, it’s a game with a perfect mix of surreality and wonderful views. It just has to be played to be properly experienced. (No shit!)
  3. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes
    Simply a genius way to create a multiplayer experience – without requiring 2 sets of Gear VR. One player is giving instructions (by looking at papers) and the other one is disarming the bomb (in the game, carrying a Gear VR). The graphics are fine, the risk of nausea is minimal and you don’t get tired. My friend and I played for several hours in a row.

Note, this is written may 2016 and if that is a long time ago – this is probably outdated. If you read this in 2040 – that means I’m 50 years old so please send me money so I can buy that motorcycle for my mid-life-crisis.

List of all games and experiences we’ve tried (in no particular order)

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