How to view your own panorama photos in Samsung Gear VR with Oculus 360 Photos

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Do you want to take your own 360 photos and view them in your Samsung Gear VR? No problems, it’s easy to do. Almost too easy. Follow our easy guide in order to create your own virtual reality.

Download the mode “Surround shot”

In your camera app, click “Mode” and download the mode called “Surround shot”. This makes it possible to take photos with 360 degree view, with the camera in your Samsung Galaxy S6 och Galaxy Note 4.

Take the 360 degree photo

Just follow the guidelines that shows up on your camera app screen whilst you stand in an enviroment suitable for a 360 degree shot. Preferably a place with objects far away. Don’t stand in a toilet, in other words.

Transfer photo to correct folder

After taking the photo, just transfer it from the images folder on your Android – to the folder “360Photos” in the “Oculus” folder.

View your photo in 360 degree

Then, launch your Samsung Gear VR and open Oculus 360 Photos. Enjoy your own world!

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  • Reply April 16, 2016


    My samsung s7 edge when I go to my files/device storage/oculus. There is no 360 photos file to drop my 3d photos too.

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