How to upload 360 degree videos on YouTube

how to upload 360 degree videos to youtube

Wonderful, finally something new to watch on YouTube! 360 degree videos. Either, watch them by scrolling in the window in any direction you want – or put on your VR headset and be there.

First, do you have the right 360 degree camera?

Probably, all the major 360 degree cameras are fully able to upload its videos on YouTube. But YouTube actually has a list of recommended 360 cameras.

So, here’s the list:

Important: If you don’t have a 360 VR camera yet. Read our guide in which one is the best, before ordering one. It’s BIG differences between the cameras.

Ok, I have the camera – what’s next?

Put some meta information to your file through the 360 Video Metadata App. Download to Mac – click here. Download to Windows – click here. This is to make it easier for YouTube to understand your file with the 360 degree video.

How to upload the 360 video file to YouTube

It’s easy. Just follow these simple instructions:

  1. Upload the 360 degree video (like you normally upload videos on YouTube).
  2. Double check so that everything looks good. You can view all the directions in the video by using WASD on your keyboard.
  3. Easy, eh?

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